191Above worked with Coastal Roofing Co, a leading roofing company in Southern California, to capture incredible views of their past work. We covered 25 properties, stretching from Tustin all the way down to Dana Point. If this is something you might be interested in, contact us here for more information!

Coastal Roofing Co.

Here at 191Above, your photos are yours. So often do we hear realtors who are frustrated when they can't use the photos they purchased for what they want to. Not with us. When you use our service, we give you full rights to use all purchased content for listings, flyers, websites, all of it. 

What makes 191Above different? We're simple. Schedule, Shoot, Deliver. No fuss and no games. Please enjoy a sample of our work below, and contact us here for our pricing.

Your Property.

Your Photos.

The lovely couple Michelle and Eric, wanted a birds-eye view of their very special day but in an affordable way. So 191Above worked to put together this little aerial-only overview of the wedding, taking advantage of the breathtaking venue. If you are interested in getting drone shots for your wedding, contact us here for more details!

A Wedding from Above!

"Sam Krochman from 191Above was a diamond in the rough for lack of a better term. His convenient, non hassle approach made it easy to get a high quality product in no time at all. The photos and video taken were stunning and will undoubtedly give our guests a better perspective on our location and all it has to offer. Sam delivered ABOVE and beyond my expectations!"


      -Dan Singleton

        (GM Javelina Cantina, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Javelina Cantina

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